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Organic wedding photography

 Vail, CO | for Eric and Sandy

Perspective. A photograph records a fraction of a second. It's an impulsive, intuitive reaction to a prediction of what will occur. As a wedding photojournalist, the photographer isn't necessarily documenting what is happening but what will happen and it can never really be done the same way by two different people. I think it's always fascinating to observe the difference between the way that people see things. Perspective.

This wedding shows us a really great example of the way that two different people see and react to thing. Matt and I strategically place ourselves throughout the day to try and cover as much of the wedding as possible. With a couple as expressive and emotional as Eric and Sandy, our different perspectives proved to be effective in documenting the unique facets of this story.

We were amazed by the unique and distinctive stories that were captured from the same fractions of time. Stories that reflect honest adoration, expressive connections and the true good-hearted nature of Eric, Sandy, and their families. Their wedding photographs feature some good and important documentation. Wedding photography that can only be done well when a couple is so willing to share themselves. Thank you Sandy and Eric for being so open. Thank you for being a great example of a couple who is there to experience the wedding day for love of relationship.

I am one to easily get lost in the eye candy that personality and joy taste like though I can't dismiss the beauty in all of the day's tangible details. The cupcakes were flown in from a chef featured on Cupcake Wars, the napkins were printed with fun facts about the couple, the margarita glasses were topped with sprinkles, the flowers, the dress and all of the decor were simply beautiful. Kerri and her A Touch of Bliss girls knit the mountain wedding venue together to perfectly reflect the simple, artistic, and intimate beauty of couple's style. The day was filled with all kinds of delicious things.


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