Unique engagement photos ideas

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  unique engagement photos ideas | Denver, CO

for Nafis and Kat

"I hope you don't think we are crazy," Kat and Nafis mentioned during their photo shoot. Crazy? This is something I would do. Life is at it's best when I find someone that is just as not-crazy as I am and we get to come together and create.

The most important thing I recommend to couples is that they show who they are in their photos. I want the images to be something that are impacting for life. Impacting photos seldom happen when the images merely show what the couple looks like. We want bare journal writings that scratch much deeper than the surface level.

Nafis and Kat wanted to do a unique photo-shoot that made room for their personality to shine. Starbucks, a vintage laundry mat, local grocery store and a 1970's McDonald's were an obvious choice for the location. They dressed up in their best and we went around Denver capturing these unique, ironic photos. "We wear normal clothes all the time - why would be want to pass up an opportunity to dress up and take pictures?"

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Looking for unique engagement photos?

This is the only fist set of their engagement photos. Check out the next post for their stunning Indian Engagement photographs.