unique engagement photographer

unique engagement photographer

for Corey and Megan

They told me that they're always looking for the most unique things: a philosophy that is so ingrained into my being that I not only was honored they chose me but completely understood the vision for wanting something different. Unique engagement photography doesn't have to be a shoot so avant-garde it has the capacity for going viral. It doesn't have to be strange or trendy.

What exactly is considered to be "unique" when we are talking engagement photography? How do you find a unique engagement photographer? Selah is all about making your engagement photos an heirloom, and for that to happen I believe they must be unique, my answer is simple.


The photos need to be you and the photographer should look to find your story.

 We went to the mountain park in their backyard. The place where they take their dogs frequently, the location they watched fireworks on the fourth of July. These photos were taken in their new downtown apartment. We stepped out on the stoop they speak of so fondly, walked down the street to the concert venue that lead them to a special night. They rode their bikes, shared the places they do life at and displayed the love they share for each other in the midst of the familiar surroundings. It's photos like these that are more than engagement pictures. It's photos like these that lead to stories after stories of living. They show who you are and where you've come from. This is Megan and Corey, their story.