colorado engagement sessions

Colorado engagement sessions

These two. They are the perfect picture of a Colorado couple. If the state had a homecoming king and queen it  would likely be Pat and Larissa. They are the sweet couple who knows and loves the most authentic places Denver has to offer, yet they spend most free weekends exploring the offerings of the Colorado mountains. They are modern, progressive, and down to earth. Their rescued dog travels everywhere he can go. They are awed by nature, naturally exploring it in red lipstick with the perfect glass of wine waiting for them after their trip home.

They are picture of all things great about being in Colorado. Their photos tell us why the geography is wonderful and why the people who live in it are just as great.


] You may be looking at these pictures and wondering, "How do I get photos like these?" As you may have figured out, there is no "best place to go for engagement photos" or "list of things you must wear in your pictures to look great."  What's the trick to getting authentic Colorado engagement photos like Pat and Larissa? Where do you go, what do you do? Search until you find the photographer that speaks your language. Search until you find an eye you love. Narrow down the list of things you love most and collaborate with your photographer to help you find the perfect location to tell your story. Look in your closet and find something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Be ware of blogs and overly-trendy ideas. Remember authenticity never goes out of style. A special thanks to Crown Social for being so gracious in letting us photograph in their space.