unposed engagement photos


Unposed engagement photos

I've been really encouraging my engaged couples to re-focus the intention of their engagement photos. I suggest that the couple wear clothing they already own, go to places that are special, bring items that tell their story and overall, make these photos an heirloom. I think about the stories they will be telling generations from now. Back when many of our parents were getting married, they took one engagement photo for the newspaper. The intent of the image was simply to get a photo of what they looked like. That kind of posed photo can be good and valuable, but I can't help but wonder how we can make engagement photos more significant.

I don't think the additional significance is found in going to the prettiest park and smiling your best camera smiles. Modern day photography training has schooled many photographers on how to pose and position a person so that they look most pleasing to the camera which again, can be beautiful and great. But are those photos something that we will cherish fifty years from now? Getting photos in your life involves more than simply choosing to make a book and hanging them on your wall. To make your engagement photos an heirloom, they have to be something that is meaningful to you.

downtown denver engagement photos
downtown denver engagement photos


We didn't bring in a snow machine for Tab and Vani's engagement session. We stepped into real life; in the shape of a blizzard that wiped off Vani's makeup within minutes. The environment brought out this couple's story as powerfully as the weather that fogged my lenses and blew snow in our faces.

These are unposed engagement photos. They're natural photographs that tell a story greater than our best camera smiles and trendiest outfit. They show the intimacy of a committed relationship, the joy of two people in love, the adventurous spirit of a couple of Californians and a story of who they are and what life feels like to be them in February of 2015.