urban energy filled engagement

Quentin | Angela Quentin had to work hard to win over Angela. During one of their first dates, Angela told Quentin that she would probably never get married. She envisioned herself as single forever and hoped to become a cat lady without any cats. Poor Quentin continued to call and drive across the state to visit his "friend." I think he could see right through her from the beginning. It didn't seem to take too long for Angie to realize that Quentin was great, and life with him would be far better than being the catless cat lady. Over the holiday, I was so thankful to document the engagement of a dear friend of mine. Angie and I played on a basketball team that traveled to Alaska. It didn't take long for our friendship to grow into many wonderful and ridiculous memories. These photos reflect my knowledge of Angela's willingness to do anything for a good laugh. They are so much fun and I am thankful Angela let Quentin find her.

laughing couple humerous photos These were some of the first images we took. We wanted to make sure and get a few natural images in... funny picture I started telling Quentin and Angela about a site I came across that publishes awkward engagement photos---I think we have some winners here. bride jumping I am so glad you found someone that thinks you're funny. nice engagement picture Quentin and Angela artsy picture lincoln haymarket jumping on back Earlier in the shoot Angela mumbled something about Quentin jumping on her back for a photo. I don't think they were serious, but I made a mental note and remained open to anything. couple photo girl on guy's back

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